Internal Organisation of the Ministry


Mr. Šemsudin Dedić

Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Federation of BiH

Tel: +387 33 726 550

Fax: +387 33 726 669


Mr. Dedic was appointed Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on March 31, 2015 following the act of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of BiH approving the nomination of the new Government of the Federation of BiH. 

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Ms. Faketa Begović
Tel: +387 33 726 554
Fax: +387 33 726 669

Secretary of the Ministry carries out the tasks pertaining to the internal organization and operation of the Ministry including: coordination and guidance to all organizational units within the Ministry with a view to delivering tasks specified in the work program of the Ministry, ensuring the implementation of activities assigned by the Minister; briefing Minister on the progress made and issues encountered in the implementation of the planned activities, proposing appropriate measures to resolve issues in cooperation with heads of core organizational units; development of the comprehensive report and analysis of tasks carried out, based on the reports delivered by the core organizational units; cooperation with other authorities, administrative organizations etc; assisting Minister with regard to management of the Ministry; carrying out other activities as assigned by the Minister; the Secretary of the Ministry shall execute the above-mentioned activities in agreement with the heads of core organizational units, who are obliged to act according to the mentioned agreement.

The Secretary of the Ministry reports to the Minister.



  1. Office of the Minister
  2. Agriculture and Food Sector
  3. Rural Development and Extension Service Sector
  4. Sector for Payments in Agriculture
  5. Veterinary Sector
  6. Water Sector
  7. Forestry and Hunting Sector
  8. Project Management Sector
  9. Finance and Accounting Sector
  10. Legal and Human Resources Sector
  11. IT Sector
  12. Internal Audit Sector






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