Animal Health

Animal Health Protection Division

Head of the Division

Mr. Marijo Vrebac 

Tel: +387 33 726 660

Fax: +387 33 726 665

Animal Health Protection Division performs the following tasks:

  • Animal health protection with a view to ensuring production of healthy animals, safe animal products, protection of humans against zoonoses;
  • Animal welfare, monitoring of operations of veterinary practice;
  • Laying down veterinary and hygienic conditions for animal keeping;
  • Carrying out epidemiological studies in case of outbreak of infectious and parasitic animal diseases;
  • Collecting and evaluating data on epizoological situation in the Federation of BiH, outbreak and causes for the outbreak, and movements of infectious and parasitic animal diseases and cooperation with relevant institutions;
  • Development of contingency plans in case of outbreak of very dangerous infectious diseases, proposing and organizing the activities of groups in charge of applying disease prevention and eradication measures;
  • Keeping of database on disease outbreak and acquiring animal health status;
  • Development of annual animal disease control and monitoring program;
  • Development of program of measures for detection, management, eradication and prevention of infectious and parasitic animal diseases and zoonoses in line with epizoological situation;
  • Planning and proposing reserves of drugs and other animal health protection products;
  • Planning and financing for the implementation of measures and control of infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • Keeping of the registers of approved operators for animal breeding;
  • Laying down conditions and keeping of the register of legal and natural persons for carrying out disinfection and disinfestations;
  • Laying down conditions and keeping of the register of legal and natural persons within the veterinary system;
  • Drafting proposals for the single nomenclature of veterinary services, reporting on veterinary operations carried out;
  • Other activities within the competence of the Division.


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