Forest Management and Hunting Division

Head of Division
Mr. Kemo Kadrić
Tel: + 387 33 726 649
Fax: +387 33 726 664

Email: kemo.kadric [at]


Forest Management and Hunting Division carries out the following tasks:

  • Preparation of legislation within the scope of sustainable forest management and forest ecology, and harmonization of regulations and general legal documents within its competence;
  • Monitoring of the implementation of international conventions, EU directives and agreements and activities in forest planning;
  • Cooperation with international institutions and ministries within its competence;
  • Supervision over administrative and technical activities related to the implementation of forest management and hunting management regulations, forest development program and annual plans;
  • Monitoring in the field of forest ecology, status of forests and forest land, as well as their public function, taking measures to improve the forest status and addressing outstanding issues in this field;
  • Issuing of approvals for the development of technical documentation for interventions in the field, and participating in the process of approving environmental impact assessments;
  • Providing expert opinions and clarifications with regard to the implementation of legislation;
  • Preparation of analyses and information related to forestry and hunting;
  • Providing expert assistance to relevant government bodies;
  • Cooperation with relevant cantonal ministries, forestry directorates as well as with forest management enterprises;
  • Other activities within the competence of the Division.