Federal Forestry Administration

Zihnet Muhić


Tel: 00387 33 726 643

Email: –

The Administration is in charge of the following:

  • Collecting data and keeping of database on forest status and development, including forest inventory, establishment and keeping of cadastres of forests, forest land, and forest infrastructure in public ownership
  • preparation of draft Forestry Program of the Federation of BiH
  • determination and monitoring of the development of forest management plans;
  • providing expertise for the development of forest management plans for forest management regions and forest management units;
  • drafting plan and program for the extension of biological reproduction of forests and afforestation plans and programs for karst and unwooded areas;
  • establishment and keeping of register and records of facilities for production and finishing of forest seeds, and of producers of forest and decorative trees and shrubbery in the Federation of BiH;
  • carrying out expert activities related to the production of forest seeds and propagating material as laid down in the provisions of the Forest Law of the Federation BiH and regulations in the field of seeds and propagating material and issuing required documentation on health status and the quality of forest seeds and propagating material;
  • following up on the health status of forests, carrying out activities of reporting and forecasting service, monitoring the status and the level of forest damage;
  • development of integral forest protection programs and fire protection plans;
  • drafting background for forestry and hunting development programs and ensuring data required for physical plans, with the application of technical standards in the field of forestry;
  • following up on economic status of forestry based on data submitted by cantonal administrations, conducting regular reporting on the prices on forest wood varieties and secondary forest products, raising awareness on the status of forests and forestry development and publishing of technical and popular publications on the status of forests and their importance;
  • preparation and development of programs in the field of forestry funded or co-funded by the special-purpose fund of the Federation BiH;
  • preparation and implementation of research activities and transfer of knowledge in the field of forestry and hunting;
  • preparation of expert opinions for the creation and revision of forest management areas;
  • preparing and providing of opinions with regard to declaration of protective forests and special-purpose forests;
  • organization of seminars and provision of expertise to cantonal administrations and cantonal forest management enterprises;
  • development of inter-entity cooperation in the field of forestry and hunting;
  • implementation and application of international conventions and standards in the field of forestry and hunting;
  • determination and implementation of anti-corruption strategy in cooperation with cantonal administrations.