Development and International Commitments Division

Head of the Division
Mr. Amer Husremović
Tel: +387 33 726 633

Email: amer.husremovic [at]

The Development and International Commitments Division carries out the following tasks:

  • Monitoring the implementation of regulations and planning documents in the field of water management in the Federation of BiH, preparing information material on water management status and proposing development projects with a view to improving status in the relevant field;
  • Identification and implementation of development projects and cooperation with units and services for the implementation of projects in the Ministry, including cooperation with Federal Ministry of Finance, water management institutions and other relevant institutions;
  • Carrying out commitments related to the international contracts, agreements, conventions and protocols in water management (Danube Convention, Barcelona Convention, Helsinki Convention, the Sava River Agreement, Water Management Cooperation Agreement with the Republic of Croatia) and activities related to inter-entity cooperation according to Inter-entity Water Management Cooperation Memorandum, etc. (taking part in the preparation, coordination and implementation of commitments taken in line with these documents together with country-level institutions and the institutions from the Republic of Srpska);
  • Coordinating water management institutions at Federation-level (water agencies) for the implementation of commitments taken in line with the international and inter-entity agreements, cooperation with international financial and other institutions related to the development projects;
  • Other activities within the competence of the Division.