Forestry Sector

Assistant Minister for Forestry
Ms. Danica Cigelj
Tel: +387 33 726 638

Fax: +387 33 726 664



The Forestry Sector carries out the following tasks:

  • preparation of legislation and regulations in the field of forestry and hunting;
  • preparation of documents, analyses and information related to forestry and hunting;
  • monitoring the status of the sector within its competence and initiating the resolution of issues, taking responsibility with regard to the status within its competence;
  • providing expert opinions, interpretations and guidelines within the scope of the Sector;
  • participation in the drafting of budget proposal of the Ministry within the scope of the   Sector;
  • implementation of international cooperation, monitoring of the implementation of agreements, conventions and projects;
  • monitoring the operation and activities of the cantonal ministries in charge of forestry and hunting;
  • monitoring the operations of forest management enterprises;
  • monitoring and registering changes of forest areas;
  • following up on the development and improvement in the field of hunting;
  • declaration of special-purpose forests;
  • preparation of technical background and conceptual design for the development of forest evelopment program;
  • providing technical support to competent authorities, cantonal forestry directorates and forest management enterprises;
  • preparation of reports required by the Government of the Federation of BiH and other   competent institutions;
  • carrying out other tasks within the scope of the Sector.

Cooperation Agreement on Forestry and Wood Processing Industry in Southeastern Europe


Legislation Governing Forestry Sector

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