Rural Development and Extension Service Sector

 Assistant Minister

Mr. Nijaz Brkovic

Tel: +387 33 726 591

Fax: +387 33 726 669

nijaz.brkovic [at]

 The Rural Development and Extension Service Sector consists of the following internal organizational units:

  1. a) Rural Development Division

Head of the Division
Mr. Pejo Janjić
Tel: +387 33 726 604
Fax: + 387 33 726 669

Email: pejo.janjic [at]


  1. Preparation of rural development policy strategic frameworks
  2. Approximation of rural development policy with the EU
  3. Rural development cooperation with the country-level ministry in charge of agriculture
  4. Rural development cooperation with cantonal ministries and municipal authorities in charge of rural development
  5. Proposing rural development crediting models
  6. Elaborating rural development measures
  7. Monitoring of rural development measures and impact analysis
  8. Development of analytical and other material based on data collected.


  1. b) Agricultural Extension Service Division

Head of  the Division
Ms. Irena Jerkić
Tel: +387 33 726 609
Fax: + 387 33 726 669

Email: savjetodavna [at]


  1. Implementation of the agricultural extension service policy;
  2. Planning and defining annual work programs of agricultural extension services in the Federation BiH, monitoring the implementation and conducting impact analysis;
  3. Coordination and monitoring the activities of cantonal and municipal agricultural extension services;
  4. Planning and developing training programs for extension providers, following up on their implementation and impact analysis;
  5. Organizing and coordinating agricultural information collection for agricultural information center, farm accountancy data network (FADN) system and other data in the field of agriculture in the Federation of BiH;
  6. Establishment and keeping of extension registers and records;
  7. Cooperation with research institutions to improve the work of agricultural extension services;
  8. Coordination and monitoring of work of private agricultural extension services and international and local organizations implementing agriculture extension service projects in the Federation of BiH.