Veterinary Public Health Division

Head of the Division
Ms. Indira Mulalić
Tel: +387 33 726 572
Fax: +387 33 726 665

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The Division performs the following tasks:

  • Preparation of regulations laying down veterinary health requirements to be complied with by the operators in the veterinary field, establishing conditions for their operations and keeping registers of the operators;
  • Preparation of regulations determining methods of veterinary and sanitary examination of animals before slaughter and products of animal origin;
  • Establishing methods of handling corpses, byproducts of animal origin, condemned viscera and animal products intended for utilization and safe disposal;
  • Participating in the preparation of the program of systemic monitoring of residues and other contaminants harmful to human health in products of animal origin intended for human consumption and animal feed;
  • Determining and monitoring of the implementation of veterinary environmental protection measures;
  • Following up on the implementation of the residue monitoring plan and drafting of the plan implementation reports;
  • Preparation of regulations governing production, marketing and use of veterinary medicines, veterinary medicinal products and feed;
  • Carrying out the process of registration of veterinary medicines and veterinary medicinal products, keeping register of approved and register medicines, issuing of approvals and permits for placing of the medicines on the market;
  • Carrying out administrative and technical supervision in the field of hygiene of products of animal origin and feed, and veterinary public health, participating in the continuous harmonization of regulations and legal documents in the field of hygiene of products of animal origin and veterinary public health;
  • Cooperation with research institutions within the competence of the Division;
  • Carrying out other administrative and technical activities provided for in the legislation relating to hygiene of products of animal origin, animal feed and veterinary public health;
  • Other activities within the competence of the Division.