Water Management Sector

Assistant Minister for Water Management

Tel/Fax: +387 33 726 623


Water Management Sector carries out the following tasks:

  • Preparation of strategies and development policies for water management, water management facilities and public water properties (in the field of water use, water protection and protection against harmful effects of water and water monitoring);
  • Proposing development documents for the integrated water management (river basin management plans, programs of measures, flood protection plans, water pollution prevention plan, plans for water emergencies, droughts and erosion and other documents according to applicable laws) and monitoring the implementation of aforesaid documents;
  • Preparation of legislation and regulations and institutional arrangement in the field of water management within the competence of the Federation BiH;
  • Participation in the process of drafting of budget proposal of the Ministry in the fields as covered by the Sector;
  • Coordination of monitoring activities in water resources and preparation of information material in the field of water management;
  • Guiding the development of water regime and water status through the identification and implementation of development projects and cooperation with units and services for the implementation of projects in the Ministry and with Federal Ministry of Finance, water management institutions and other institutions;
  • Carrying out concession granting procedures within the competence of the Ministry in this field;
  • Carrying out activities related to international contracts, agreements, conventions and protocols in water management (Danube Convention, Barcelona Convention, Helsinki Convention, the Sava River Agreement, Water Management  Cooperation Agreement with the Republic of Croatia) and activities related to inter-entity cooperation according to Inter-entity Water Management Cooperation Memorandum, etc. ( taking part in the preparation, coordination and implementation of commitments taken in line with these documents together with country-level institutions and the institutions from the Republic of Srpska);
  • Supervision of the activities undertaken by water management institutions at the Federation level (Water Agencies) and control of legality of documents issued by cantons and these agencies in administrative procedure;
  • Coordination with cantons in the field of water management;
  • Other activities within the competence of the Sector.