Ministry to implement agricultural payment processing software

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry is in the process of developing custom-made software for processing of payments in agriculture in partnership with the company ICT-King Zagreb. The new system will serve as an upgrade to the overall process of subsidy payments in agriculture in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, facilitating checks and controls and interconnecting the administrations of 10 cantons and/or 79 municipalities of the Federation of BiH which are part of the overall chain of payment processing. The software would also ensure improved follow-up in the implementation of Subsidy Program and more efficient agricultural policy planning on the basis of reliable data providing a clear picture of the status of agriculture.

Speaking before the representatives of cantons and municipalities, minister Dedić stated that the new system would introduce better supervision and control and ensure reliability of data for improved policy planning, efficient monitoring and evaluation of impacts of the policy, while maintaining transparency and fairness in the disbursement of public funds.

Moreover, the new software will also provide for the integration of the IT systems already in place in the Ministry, including in particular Farm and Client Registers.

The next step in the implementation of this system is the establishment of the Farmer Information Web Portal to facilitate farmers in accessing information related to their farm holdings and checking the status of their payment applications.