Minister Hrnjić with cantonal ministers of agriculture on harmonizing agricultural policies at all levels

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry organized today at Vlašić a meeting between the federal minister Kemal Hrnjić and the cantonal ministers in charge of agriculture.

They discussed the ways of improving the agricultural support payment policies across all levels of administration in the Federation of BiH. The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the improvement of agricultural advisory services as well as the projects funded by international financial partners with funds intended for the cantonal ministries of agriculture in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Further discussion focused on the latest developments related to the spread of African swine fever in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the activities undertaken by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture with cantonal ministries and other relevant institutions involved in actively solving this problem.

The cantonal ministers spoke about the current problems that their ministries face, while expressing appreciation for the organization of this joint meeting, but also for the visits and discussions that the federal minister had with the cantonal authorities, agricultural producers and processors.

“The commitment of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture is to harmonize the agricultural policy and the support payment policy with the policy of the European Union. In this respect, the Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy until 2027 provides for the coordinated action of several levels of government in order to distribute the funds intended for the development of agriculture, and improve the agriculture sector in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said Minister Hrnjić.

“The interest the cantons expressed in acquiring software application through the World Bank agriculture project in order to facilitate the management of the canton’s payments policy is one more indication that the cooperation of the Federal Ministry and the cantonal ministries has no alternative and that we must further uphold it for the sake of improving agriculture in the Federation of BiH,” added Minister Hrnjić.

The cantonal ministers pointed out that such meetings should be organized more often and with focused discussions in order to improve overall legislation in the field of agriculture in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.